20 take-a-ways from Wake Up Happy!

Recently, I stumbled on a discounted copy of Wake up Happy by Michael Strahan and Veronica Chambers. It was stuffed in a pile of unknown debut novels and children’s books that Albertson’s Grocery positioned in the middle of the medicine aisle.

While reading the first two or three chapters, I stopped several times to think through the writing until I finally surrendered to grabbing a pen, marking up the margins, doodling emotions, and underlining paragraphs, page after page. I honestly was not expecting the wealth of insight Strahan laid out.

Here are the best take-a-ways:

  • It is the attitude with which we pursue our goals that give us our biggest boosts of happiness (Strahan quoted Shawn Achor)
  • Start today with music, words, movements use the power of pause. Don’t rush your day.
  • True love multiplies the joy in your life
  • Find ideas and inspiration everywhere you go. Visualize by using all your senses. Be conscious.
  • Just because no one’s screaming your name, doesn’t mean you can’t win. We count ourselves out waaaaay too soon.
  • We hold ourselves back and doubt ourselves more than anybody else will.
  • There’s more power in your attitude than your bank account
  • Your role of agreement is to find a way to say yes.
  • Process information given and readjust. Process the opportunities, failures, observations.
  • It’s your life, drive it like you own it. Project your purpose to the world.
  • Happiness is the joy we feel while striving toward our potential.
  • Do not be afraid to bet on yourself. Win or lose, take joy in striving toward your potential
  • Be around people who encourage you to talk about your dreams then pushes you to dream bigger
  • A little nibble will give you hope; A line in the water gives you hope.
  • Having something to strive for breeds its own kind of joy
  • Figure out what are the untapped resources that could change your life.
  • Pay attention to detail, the specifics of techniques, and develop a mental toughness. The art of mental toughness is finding focus and confidence to attack whatever challenges arise with everything you’ve got and then some.
  • That juice is worth the squeeze!
  • Answer: what did you do to get better today?
  • Indulge your playful side.

And of course, wake up happy.

By Candace J. Semien
The Jozef Syndicate