Does the education of Black children matter in Tangipahoa?

Fifty years later, the question remains whether or not education in the lives of Black children matter. The answer is emphatically, yes it does, because the fight continues for equity in thr Tangipahoa Parish School System. Unfortunately, there is very little resolve towards settling a 50 year old desegregation lawsuit. […]

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Woman to Watch: Lue Russell

Lue Russell, Th.D., is a passionate lionhearted woman. As chapter chairwoman of the National Congress of Black Women and state organizer with the PICO National Network, Russell fights for equality, justice, and change within the […]

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Southern’s post-season ban lifted

Southern University’s NCAA-imposed postseason ban as a result of the unusable data probation has been lifted, interim athletics director Roman Banks announced May 15. During a meeting in the J.S. Clark Administration building, Banks told […]


Woman to Watch: Sevetri M. Wilson

Throughout Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Sevetri Wilson is quickly becoming the business leader who needs no introduction. Not because of the uniqueness of her name–which means “of royalty”–but because of the aggressive growth of […]


SU program increases male student retention

A Southern University System program designed to reverse the trend of fewer Black male students attending and graduating from college is demonstrating higher than average success in student retention. Implemented in 2012 and located on […]


Woman to Watch: Alma C. Stewart

With the Louisiana Legislative session in active mode, this health care advocate is busy mobilizing Louisiana citizens and elected officials around all health equity issues from funding the Affordable Health Care Act, expanding Medicaid, and […]