Affected by the clamor of corona? Do this for a change

During this season of the pandemic, watch out for the enemy of your souls, in your relationships, with the ones you are connected with and to, your significant relationships in family, your relationships at work, in church, throughout your community, and with neighbors. Get this: EVERYBODY IS BEING AFFECTED by this infection of Corona.

The problem is that the infection is being done so stealthily that no one is really paying attention. We must remember that the enemy’s intent is always to kill, steal and destroy. If you take a moment to notice, the first thing Corona has done has been to isolate. So, we must do everything we can to keep the conversations, interactions, eye contact, smiles, laughter, and positive connections as fluent in as many ways as we can. Be creative with keeping connectivity connected and isolation at bay. Human beings do not flourish in isolation.


Use your computers for video chats. Text pictures to one another. FIGHT to stay together, not to separate… for a change. Keep your relation ships floating and be relentless in not letting those ships sink.

After all this is over, you may not be able to find your way back if you are not careful. The enemy is stealing from us in the midst of the clamor of the pandemic, the political aggressions, and many other distractions. We must remain focused, keeping our eye on the prizes which are our familial and family relationships.

The insidious nature of the enemy is sneakily deceiving us and ensuring that we “really” do not see what he is doing: trying to destroy communal relationships by isolation, alienation, and fears. And what better way to do this than through a pandemic!

In this season, the enemy is “seeking” those who are focused on the distraction and clamor of the pandemic while relationships are being destroyed. Make sure that, after this, you are able to make your way back to everyone in your family. Talk with and to your children; ask them how they are doing. Gather around the dinner table and just talk. Connectivity is very important in this season of clamor. Maintain friendly eye contact behind those masks using smiling eyes, and smiling mouths, which will be seen, through the eyes, and “movement” through the masks. Remain connected in as many ways as you can. Keep temperaments kind. Go out of your way to be civil to your significant other by “leaning in” like never before.

The insidious enemy is using the pandemic to distract us from the aftermath of its long-term effects. By then it shall be too late to reconstruct the connectivity that we would have really lost. Keep your family ties! Don’t be distracted, but be attracted to everything that will usher you to live “happily, ever after.” Let us not have to start over in pulling our families out of the aftermath of this thing. It did not come just to take lives. It came to take away our way of living in harmony with each other. (Remember “I AM..the way, the truth and the LIFE.”)

Remain connected through conversation, self expression, and thinking about what the other person thinks for a change. Be tolerant, not just patient, with your significant other by talking more, trying harder, and praying together — for a change. And lastly, think about someone else, first. When you have a challenge that truly is getting to you, for a change, ask, “what would Jesus do,” if he were faced with this dilemma? Stay connected and we SHALL get through this, if we will to do it!

Let not isolation become alienation in our families. Remain together. Together we stand, divided we fall, together! Remain focused for a change, and we shall get through this, together!

by barbara w. green

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barbara w green

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From her Inner Reflections’ office in Baton Rouge, barbara w greencounsels individuals, families, and groups in person and virtually. She is a certified counselor, minister, and author of The Parent AnointingThe Great One, and a charge to keep.

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