Are you ready to SACK it?

HAPPY NEW YOU EVERYBODY! When I think about spring I think about all things fresh and brand new. I think of how the budding tree survived a brutal winter and is now bringing forth new life. I think about how some animals emerge from hibernation owning their place in the animal kingdom as if they never left. Then I think about you.

Just as spring makes me think of new, so do you. In this moment and place in your life the opportunity to refresh and become anew is available. Ask yourself the question – have you too survived a harsh season in your life, like the tree in the winter – and you are now ready to bud with phenomenal possibilities? Are you ready to release yourself from a stagnant place and reclaim your territory like the animals within their kingdom?

If you are in agreement to what I’ve said thus far or answered yes to any of the questions, it’s time for you to join the ranks of the Southern Jaguars and LSU Tigers in your personal spring training camp of life, and preparing to overcome the opponent that’s trying to block your new path.

It’s Time to SACK IT!

SACK is an acronym of action that I challenge many of my clients with. SACK means to See It, Accept It, Change It and Know It. So I now challenge you. I challenge you to look at your life and make an assessment and commitment to spring into better by SACK-ing whatever lies between you and the ball. You must win at this game called life.

So let me coach you to your win. See It – This is the assessment stage of your life, where you look into at what has been, what is and what you envision to come and analyze what you did wrong, what you did right and what must be done differently.

Accept It – Now you must accept whatever has happened.It simply is what it is. This is the part of the process in which you must take ownership of not just the hits, but also the misses.

Challenge It –It’s time to make a decision that you are up for the win. Be intentional about what you want and make up your mind that you won’t settle for the small plays that will attempt to compromise your big win.

Know It –Confidence in your new is a must. Therefore, an action plan and strategy must be in place to maintain that high level of confidence needed to conquer.

So, there are four easy steps to spring you into a new you. Start practicing today for tomorrow’s win. I’m convinced you have enough strength to SACK it!

Marvin Anderson is a speaker, author and owner of Insight Business Group, LLC, a coaching, consulting and success strategies company in Baton Rouge.