Authors proclaim ‘Black Lives Have Always Mattered’

“The power of story unleashed in these pages penetrated my soul.. ..Black Lives Have Always Mattered tells the story of America’s silenced racial trauma in a way that will fuel the movement to speak the unspeakable,” wrote Debby Irving, racial justice educator and author.

And she was right.

Black Lives Have Always Mattered edited by Abiodun Oyewole is an anthology that extends our understanding of the BLM movement beyond police violence.

Within these pages, 79 contributors recount experiences and show that Black lives have always mattered when affronted with brutality, inequality, Jim Crow, segregation, and slavery. These firsthand accounts written with boldness and poetic flow reveal and confront racism and its sequelae.

This is a great read for reaching today’s expanded conversations and activism around racial violence and true justice.

Two bonus facts: Oyewole is a founding member of The Last Poet, the spoken word group that laid the groundwork for the emergence of hip hop.

The collection includes a poem by Louisiana’s current poet laureate John Warner Smith who is also a Southern University and A&M College professor.