‘Be Inspired’ reveals Beauchamp’s struggles

In his first book, Be Inspired: My Struggle for Justice and Equality Inspired by the Death of Emmett Louis Till, documentary filmmaker and Baton Rouge native Keith Beauchamp reveals intimate details of his day-to-day  struggles to uncover the truth about  Emmett Till’s 1955 murder. 

Unlike his documentary, Be Inspired reads like a diary log of Beauchamp’s victories and challenges to tell the story of Till’s decades-old cold case.

Since the documentary’s release and the reopening of the Till case, Beauchamp has traveled extensively around the country, speaking and lecturing about his journey to tell the stories of Emmett Till and others.

His film and television work have become great educational tools, and the completion of this book–Be Inspired–adds value to the anals of Black history and civil rights justice. BuytheBook.