Best Kept Secret: Our Daily Bread

OUR DAILY BREAD WHOLE Food Market and Bakery has been serving the Baton Rouge community with holistic medicines and healthy grocery options since 1989. Owners Alvin Himel and David Butt provide cus- tomers with health staples, vitamins, and organic pro- duce, while introducing shoppers to local products like Baton Rouge-made

Sensation Salad Dressing. “Our most popular bread is our Farm House loaf, it is made of whole grain wheat and rye and the process to bake takes two days,” Himel said.

The grocery doubles as a café offering daily spe- cials, and serving healthier versions of many Louisiana staples. “We serve gumbo and jambalaya. Except for our roux, we use fresh organic vegetables, and (meals include) brown rice instead of white,” Himel said.

The café also serves fruit smoothies and juices from fresh fruits. “Many believe it costs more to eat healthier, but it could ac- tually cost less,” he said. A meal from Our Daily Bread that includes vegetarian lasagna, salad and a roll cost less than $8—a quick, healthy alternative to commercial fast food.

Our Daily Bread is located at 9414 Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge. Above is a photo of organize produce sold by the local grocer.