Bring back our girls. Bring back our daughters. Bring back what was stolen and taken to be used unapologetically in a way that no girl or woman should ever have to experience.

How do you go on living your day-to -day lives knowing the hard truth about our daughters, nieces, granddaughters, and cousins? Our girls have been stolen. I can’t. But what do I do? These girls were taken from the safety of a place that one should never think of violating. Yet, in this world, schools are playgrounds for the sick-minded individuals who feel powerful over the powerless.

I drove around and thought how I would feel if someone took my two daughters and placed them in harm’s way by selling them—and probably to some wealthy “upstanding” men who will do all they can to use these girls as sex toys.

A tear fell.

Turning the vehicle into my neighborhood, I fought back the swelling emotions because crying won’t help these stolen Nigerian girls no more than it would help heal my heart if mine were taken. Stolen. Sold as slaves into the sex trade. Why God?!

As I continue to think about the daughters of the small Nigerian village Chibok, it pains me to know that there are men who actually would storm a school and take one of God’s most precious gifts: a life. Why would these animals think that they can get away with such a huge atrocity? Because they’ve been allowed to function within a society for which it has been widely reported that Nigerian security forces knew of the imminent raid yet failed to take the speedy action needed to thwart that atrocity.

These girls were in their own protective zone doing what most want to do which is educate themselves into better circumstances. It is reported that at the time of the kidnapping, the girls were focused and taking exams.

I am saddened. I am mad. I am damn pissed. Pissed at a world culture that devalues the woman so much so that militants have no qualms about taking more than 250 girls and not feel threatened. There is little that can be said which would ease the minds of these parents. Their girls’ have been stolen. And it seems like no one can do anything about it. How can you ease their mind? I mean nothing could ease my mind at all. I would merely need to be medicated and allow God to place me in a world of euphoria. Basically, I would go mad.

Lord, save our girls’. Bring back our daughters. Bring back our girls. Bring back our hope.


Keneshie Morrison is a Baton Rouge mother of two daughters.


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