Central City School System plans post-Labor Day return

CCSS Update:

What a week we have experienced. Once again we would like to express appreciation to our community as well as others around the state and country that have reached out to us offering to help in so many different ways. It is amazing to see how this tragedy has shown us the selflessness and spirit of caring in others both near and far.  

As we have continued to assess the damage to Tanglewood Elementary and have begun the early stages of restoration, we are anticipating the complete process to take a couple of months. 

We will not wait for the complete restoration of Tanglewood Elementary before returning all students to school. As we move forward and determine the school setting(s) for our first and second graders during this transitional time, we will pass that information along to you as soon as we are able. 

Our plan at this time is not to return to school before the Labor Day holiday. We still are uncertain as to the exact return date, but we do know that it will not be before Labor Day. Again, once we are able to give a predicted return date, we will certainly share it with you. 

Our thoughts and prayers continue for our many employees, students and community members whose homes were damaged by the floods. We recognize the challenges that you are facing as you are repairing and trying to make your homes livable again. For those of you who did not have flood damage, but are housing others, helping others, preparing meals, volunteering and doing many other things, we are thankful for you and are praying for you, too! You are what makes Central such a special community. 

Please continue to check our web page and Facebook page for updates and for volunteer opportunities. 

Sandy Davis

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