‘I’m doing what many didn’t do for us’ Chambers said, endorses Peterson

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In separate announcements, East Baton Rouge Councilmembers Erika Green, and Carolyn Coleman along with Baker Mayor Darnell Waites, EBR Constable Terrica Williams, and State Reps. C. Denise Marcelle and Larry Selders have endorsed State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson for Congress.

Adding to that list this week is EBR Councilman Cleve Dunn Jr. and former congressional candidate Gary Chambers Jr. whose campaign came in a very competitive third place with 21% in the March election.

“I’m doing what many didn’t do for us, because it’s the right thing to do. This is how we grow a progressive meeting,” Chambers tweeted. “I wasn’t going to make an endorsement at all, but this is bigger than me.”

Through a social media video, Chambers shared why he believes Peterson is the “bold fighter Louisiana needs.” If elected, she would make history as the first Black woman to represent Louisiana in Congress. Voters will decide if Peterson or Sen. Troy Carter to replace former U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond on April 24.

Chambers endorsement

“I am a fighter so naturally, I support the other fighter in the race,” he said.

After managing Chambers campaign, Dunn aligned with Peterson and said, “The old ways haven’t worked for our community, and we need something different. We need a fighter with the courage to speak truth to power and go against the status quo–that fighter is Karen.”

To his endorsement, Peterson said, “With the help of community leaders like (Dunn), I am ready to act boldly to demand the action we need for Baton Rouge on criminal justice reform, environmental justice and economic justice. We can’t compromise on issues that matter most or go along to get along any longer.”

She said Chambers’ grassroots movement has inspired and moved people across the district. “That’s powerful, and I’m so honored to partner with him to continue building that energy.”

“You didn’t join in this movement for people and change just because I’m a good personality with a great voice. It’s because you cared about the Green New Deal, you want Medicare for All, and you believe that a $15 minimum wage is the floor, not the ceiling. Because we believe that equity should not be a buzzword or a political phrase, but a way of life. And I believe that Karen Carter Peterson is the best person in this race to have the opportunity to go fight for those values for us, the people… She is a progressive fighter who will go to D.C. and champion the issues that are important to us,” Chambers said.

 By Cora Lester, The Drum

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  1. Congratulations on the continuing growth of THE DRUM as an effective chronicler and advocate for issues of concern to communities of color in Baton Rouge. You have built a staff of competent and caring communicators who get the job done by reaching readers from all walks of life and streams of interest. Keep up the good work as the DRUM beat of Black Baton Rouge!

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