Comedian Howard Hall reacts to Obama’s Between Two Ferns interview

OUR PRESIDENT BARACK Obama is by far in my opinion one of the smoothest, confident and smartest presidents we have had in this great country. (May I add he married Michelle Obama… Smart Move) He has a way of placing himself in certain situations where he can get the most impact for his agenda. Case in point… Funny or Die’s Exclusive “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis.

watch it here

In this interview Zach is known for his offend questions and his straight face insults to his guest but the President handled it in style. I know President Obama can only say certain things due to being the leader of the Free World but I, comedian Howard

Hall, can be the voice of what he really wanted to say. This is how the interview would have went:

Howard: Hi my name is Howard Hall and welcome to “Between Two

Ferns” and my guest today is Bara.. President Barack Obama.

President Obama: Mess my name up one more time and you will come up missing.HOWARD-HALL

Howard: Ok… Did you send Ambassador Rodman to North Korea? I heard you were sending Hulk Hogan to Syria.

President Obama: No but I will be sending

AmbassadorJoe Biden in here to choke slam you back to your high school weight. Which is 7 pounds less than what you are now by the way.

Howard: How does it feel to be the last African

American President? President Obama: How

does it feel to talk to the last black person you’re going to see on this earth?

Howard: Ok…That is all I have before I end up on the wrong end of Government Conspiracy.

Then President Obama kicks over the two ferns and salutes the camera.

End of Interview