Month with Mada: Let’s keep it real


As the election results were announced, it became more and more a concern that President Barack Obama name was exposed.  Our President is the President of this Nation.  He has nothing to do with the present situations in the Senate and House of Representatives.    They have fought against him since day one.  President Barack Obama inherited problems from the Nixon, Reagan, Bush Administrations and all of a sudden the Republicans want to turn deaf ear and act as if these matters had not existed?

The Republicans have fought against President Barack Obama from day one.  The Republicans show no respect, they work and  try to overpower the first man in office and think because they rule the house/senate it is okay to overrule, but this nation, most importantly, is governed and supported by  our President, President Barack Obama.  Let it be known, he has the final say-so.

In all honestly, we are not asleep, many of us are  tired of the fight between the House and Senate on Capitol Hill. “Let’s Keep It Real” and come together over the next several years to bring our local, state and national union together for betterment of our communities, state, local and on a national/international component.

By Mada McDonald
The Drum Columnist

Month with Mada shares commentary on community and current events compiled by Mada McDonald, a public relations professional and community activist in Baton Rouge.  Leave your comments below.