COMMUNITY EVENT: Weight Loss Workshop, Dec. 12

Organizers with the Weight Loss Workshop, Saturday, Dec. 12, at 11:30am, said the event will empower participants to find the right weight-loss or fitness solution. The workshop will be led by an established certified Baton Rouge-based dietician who will offer customized guidance on healthy diet habits based on each workshop participants lifestyle and will consider any special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten-free). The focus of the dietician’s advice will be to help participants adopt healthy ways of eating, from meal planning to grocery shopping to cooking, which are conducive to long-term, healthy weight management. Slow and steady is the key to healthy weight loss and they will offer guidance that supports a healthy diet lifestyle. Also attending the workshop will be certified personal fitness trainer that works with clients of all ages and body types to achieve their fitness goals. Participants of the workshop will be encouraged to interact one-on-one with the dietician and personal trainer to describe their current lifestyles and receive customized guidance on how to incorporate healthy, sustainable exercise activities. Again, the goal here to is to make slow, gradual changes that lead to long-term health and can last a lifetime. This free workshop is a public service outreach of to promote the long-term vision of the site which is public education in the area of healthy diet and weight loss.

Location: Tracy Center
1800 S. Acadian Thruway
Baton Rouge, LA 70898