Cupid releases ‘CuRobiks’ fitness DVD


THIS SUMMER THE LOUISIANA king of dance music, Cupid, is delivering new music to help fans shrink their waistlines.

The singer, whose real name is Bryson Bernard, said he received the wake up call that it was time to get in shape when he saw the way looked with the extra pounds on television.

“I saw myself on The Monique Show and I really didn’t like how I looked,” he said. “After watching that interview I new I needed to make the change.”

The former track athlete realized he could no longer make excuses for his growing waistline and in- stead needed to make time for exercise while on tour.

He realized he could use his music as a catalyst to get his fans active. So at the beginning of last year, he launched Curobiks DVD.

“I would see people coming to my shows and dancing to my music and they would be sweating so we took my songs and merged dance moves with aerobic ones,” he said.

The Lafayette native’s songs “Do it with Your Boots On” and the “Cupid Shuffle” provide the soundtrack for Curobiks, a combination of calisthenics, aerobics and line dancing led and instructed by the singer.

Since it’s release, the DVD has sold more than 10,000 copies and counting, motivating Cupid to take the life style on the road with the CuRobiks Fitness Concert Experience.

“This is an experience that will give me a chance to entertain and interact with audiences in way that I have never done before,” he said.

He said the CuRobiks Experience is a concert and aerobics class rolled into one, suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Divided into three segments, participants will first learn how to line dance, join in the 45-minute concert/workout led by Cupid and end with a meet and greet where they can also gain health awareness and purchase CuRobiks literature and DVD’s.

As the singer travels the country en- couraging a more active lifestyle among fans he is still working on new music and has released two singles.

“A lot of my music is high energy music suitable for all ages. Anytime I try to step out of the box or do something different, the formula just doesn’t work support.”

He said his newest single “Wham Dance” pays tribute to the high-energy music and people Louisiana is known for.

“I worked with Mystikal on this single and together we created a song that cel- ebrates the music that makes Louisiana unique,” he said.

Cupid’s new album will be released this fall along with CuRobiks 2.


City News Manager