Diagnosis motivates mom of 5 to run

by Chequita Renee Hilliard

AFTER GOING TO MY PRIMARY PHYSICIAN IN January 2014, I left in tears as I drove home with me was disturbing news, “You have high blood pressure and need to take this pill every morning.” As a registered nurse i knew he was right because I had taken and recorded my blood pressure for 3 months, but just hearing him say those words al- most killed me.

At that moment I decided to do some- thing about it because I refused to pay for medication the rest of my life and I have my children who need and depend on me. This was a life sentence that I did not want.

As I drove home in tears, I wanted to make change but, I didn’t want to go through all the fade diets that everyone was doing. I wanted to do the right thing the right way.

I started working out on my own at home and eating a healthier diet. Later I joined Black Girls Run Baton Rouge and linked up with Varsity Sports. I had decid- ed to make a lifestyle change. I was going to run/walk to get this weight off.

hilliard crossing finish line

Since January, I have lost nearly 30lbs, lots of inches, my blood pressure is down and I participated in my first half Mara- thon, the annual Run Like a Diva Half Marathon in Galveston, Texas.page7image38800

Although I didn’t place in the top amongst the 2800 runners, at the begin- ning of the race I asked God to do two things, let me finish and do not let me be last; he honored both my wishes. Because of that, I am a WINNER indeed. I’ve done what most in my town and age group have never done and I’m thankful.

Chequita Renee Hilliard is a wife, mother of five, and grandmother to one. She is a reg- istered nurse, owner of Mountain High Photography and Videography Production and Mountain High Training Academy.