FATHERHOOD: The acceptable partnership


The first thing that makes fatherhood great is REcreation. As the child is created in the mind of God, he/she is recreated in the loins of the father and inserted into the womb of the mother. The mother delivers the child into the earth realm. And what was created in God, and formed in man and woman, is birthed in the earth. Who can argue that kind of greatness?

To become a father is both simple and complex. First there is the simple method of how to become a father. It’s all a matter of timing, isn’t it? Deciding the right–or wrong–time to begin a sexual relationship includes the possibility and potential of becoming a father. The act which proves successful in “creating” a baby, also includes a waiting period, and finally, the birth of the baby, and then, the acknowledgement that the baby is indeed, fathered.

The second thing that makes fatherhood great is the fact that it speaks of an era, an epoch. The “hood” attached to “father” serves as an explanation of the cover that the father represents. For the duration of his life, the father covers the family and all who are positioned under him. And “hood” represents love, safety, protection, and identity. So fatherhood is a title as well as an assignment.

Thirdly, fatherhood is representative of the “original” Father, God Himself. We cannot overlook God being our Heavenly Father and our human fathers as being our Earthly guardians. In the earthly realm, we note the resemblance we see of ourselves in our dads: the eyes, the nose, the skin color, the walk, the certain way he throws his head back when he laughs. All of the assets point to a certain resemblance that adds to the authenticity of who we are. Added to this is the resemblance our Heavenly Father relies on earthly parents to direct us to. As we look like our earthly fathers, the Heavenly Father looks to Himself to see how much His children resemble Him.

Fourthly, our greatness points to our father’s greatness. If fatherhood is expressed correctly, the children want to be just like their dad. They want to follow his example so that the greatness is modeled and then passed on to the next generation. Then, the father’s greatness is perpetuated. With this greatness, fatherhood is also the acceptable partnership, ally, companion, and greatness value to motherhood.

The fifth thing that makes fatherhood great is the one YOU complete. Every one of us is plural, yet singular. Our plurality explains what we have in common. So, while all of us can identify with at least one of the things I have written, I would be remiss if I took total control of this commentary. I would enlist your agreement, but more than that your input. Therefore, I leave the last thing that makes fatherhood great for YOU to add. As you celebrate Father’s Day this year, what makes fatherhood great for you?

By barbara w. green
Guest Columnist