Flood survivors may be eligible for lodging expense reimbursement

Flood survivors who have registered with FEMA may be eligible for reimbursement if they had to pay out-of-pocket for temporary lodging because of flood damage to their primary residence.

You may be eligible for lodging expense reimbursement if you:

  • register with FEMA;
  • pass identity verification;
  • verify occupancy in a primary residence within a declared parish;
  • verify that their primary residence is uninhabitable or inaccessible;
  • incurred disaster-related temporary lodging expenses on or after the incident period start date — in this case, Aug. 12;
  • do not have insurance that would cover lodging and therefore duplicate benefits; and
  • did not receive lodging assistance during the same time period.

Reimbursement funds are available for eligible applicants up to the maximum amount of financial assistance — $33,000 — available through FEMA’s Individuals and Households Program. Applicants who have already received the maximum grant available will not be eligible for lodging expense reimbursement.

Survivors who are approved for lodging expense reimbursement must submit zero balance receipts to FEMA in order to receive payment. Reimbursement will not cover incidental costs such as phone calls, laundry, internet, pay-per-view, food, or pet care.

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