Florida pastors have faith in medical marijuana treatment

Pastors on medical marjiuana

Marijuana has long been a target of condemnation in Black churches. And for good reason: Pastors have seen how the racially biased enforcement of marijuana laws has impacted their communities and congregations.

But three Black pastors in Florida reflect a national trend in changing attitudes toward cannabis, particularly its legal use for medicinal purposes. Rev Erta C. Livingston Jr., Pastor Leo Stoney, and Rev. Lonnie Davis Wesley III, all support medical marijuana as a physician-authorized treatment, saying its use is no different than taking any prescribed drug.

Pastors on medical marjiuana
Pastor Leo Stoney

Livingston is senior pastor of the Church of God by Faith #1 in Gainesville, Fla., and director of patient services for the University of Florida Health Jacksonville. Working in hospitals has changed his perspective when it comes to using medical marijuana to treat people in pain

“I see pain every day. I lay hands on them, I do all the spiritual things I need to do, but sometimes the pain continues. So, in a compassionate way, I want to support whatever it takes to relieve pain. If medical marijuana is prescribed by a doctor, you have my support. I’m not going to put you on the altar and send you to hell.”

Stoney of The MaxOut Church in Melbourne said, “This is definitely a taboo topic because we are pastors, right? I go back to this. If there’s medicine for cancer, there’s medicine for COVID now, and there’s medicine for everything else, why can’t there be a medicine prescribed by a doctor that has been tested and proven to make someone in pain feel better?”

Pastors on medical marjiuana
Dr. Lonnie Davis Wesley III

Congregants really shouldn’t concern themselves with a church’s position on medical marijuana, said Wesley of the Greater Little Rock Baptist Church in Pensacola.

“It isn’t the church’s business what medicine your doctor has prescribed for your medical care,” he stressed. “Do what you have to do medically to help you have a better quality of life.”

The pastors all agreed that education about medical marijuana was key to their acceptance of the drug.

On the topic of recreational marijuana, all three voiced reservations on legalizing it regardless of whether that’s done by the state or federal government.

For more information on qualifying conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana under Florida law, go online to knowthefactsmmj.com.

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