Annual Roots Camp starts Saturday, Feb. 8

No preselected speakers, no “expert” panels, and no inspiring power-points will set the scene for the Fourth Annual Roots Camp.

Instead, participants and community activists in attendance will set the course of the two-day “unconference,” Feb. 8 – 9, at the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Hall, 5888 Airline Highway, 9am-4pm, daily.

“Each year we learn more about our state, our issues, and possible solutions to the many diverse problems that Louisiana has and how to find the possible solutions.” said Dawn Collins,Roots Camp coordinator

Referred to as an “unconference” because like a typical conference people gather from various parts of the state to share information , but it is not done in the conventional format done in the typical fashion , i.e. pre selected speakers ,expert panels, preselected actives, of the conventional conference.

At the beginning of the each day participants submit their session topics to the staff and the agenda, for the day, is built around the submissions.

Topics can range from Bayou Corne to racial equality to education; anything can be a possible topic as long as it has the goal of creating a more equitable Louisiana.

After topics are selected those who submitted them present their information in a session. Topics can be presented in any way , the only things discouraged at the “unconference” are power-points and panel discussions.

The goal of the sessions, no matter the topic, is to encourage the people who attend to find solutions to problems they feel are plaguing Louisiana.