Ga. agrees to continue Confederate flag license plate.

ATLANTA—THE STATE OF GEORGIA’S recent approval of a specialized license plate has civil rights leaders throughout the state up in arms.

The state has agreed to sell an updated Sons of Confederate Veteran’s license plate displaying a larger Confederate flag. Supporters of the new license said the flag honors the state’s Confederate heritage and is not a celebration of racial injustice.

A spokesman for the Georgia Division of the SCV, said people have a right to observe their heritage, and the state would be discriminating if it rejected the group’s application.

However, representatives of the local Southern Christian Leadership Conference disagree.

“We don’t have license plates saying ‘Black Power’ and the state should have stepped in to stop the design of the Confederate flag from becoming available to Georgia drivers,” said Maynard Eaton, spokesman for the SCLC. “To display this is reprehensible.”

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that he was not aware of the plate which the department of motor vehicles said is an update to an existing license already bearing the controversial flag.

The SCV will receive $10 from each $80 plate sold.

According to the SCV Georgia Division website, funds from the sale of the license will be used “to promote Southern Heritage through educational activities and preservation efforts around the state.”