God intervenes during stillness, writes Bogalusa native

According to author Leslie P. Norris, Jr., God is a creator and sustainer of all that was, is, and is to be. AS such, there are times when God decides to intervene in human life.  In Norris’s new book, God’s Early Morning Intervention, he unveils personal experiences with God that lead to the writing of the 112-page book.

“My book came to life in six years, as God awoke me many early mornings and wrote on the radar screen of my mind, “Be still and know that I am  God” (Ps. 46:10, KJV),” said Norris who is a native of Bogalusa, Louisiana, and son of the late Reverend LHP Norris Sr. and Adele Washington Norris.

He is a graduate of Southern University Laboratory High School, Southern University, Nicholls State University, and Gammon Theological Seminary in Atlanta.

God’s Early Morning Intervention focuses on God, on who He is and on His presence and work in human life.  God reveals and God conceals.  He said, “whether God manifests Himself or hides Himself is not man’s prerogative.  It is Almighty God’s prerogative.”

Norris said he believes this book relates to concerns about family, religious beliefs and economical conditions that many face today. He said although God has omnipotence, preeminence and ultimate leadership in this world, God is not coercive.  “God may periodically intervene in people’s lives and circumstances but He does so without forcing them to obey and follow His lead. When they follow God’s lead, they are following the lead of the one who knows the way and is the way,” Norris said.

He goal is to impart to readers the knowledge and understanding that God is always present in their lives. Published by Xllibris, God’s Early Morning Intervention is available at Barnes and Noble.