Jindal Administration asks judge to rescind desegregation order


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL’S  ADministration is asking a federal judge end a desegregation order that bans the state from giving public funds—including school vouchers— to all-white private schools.

The 1976 landmark Brumfield vs. Dodd decision was rendered after the United States found evidence that Louisiana officials were using taxpayer dollars to encourage white flght after being ordered to integrate public schools.

The desegregation order still applies to about half of the state’s school systems. Judge Ivan Lemelle ruled in November that the Justice Department had the right to monitor the state’s school voucher program to ensure it does not promote segregation. The Jindal administration wants to end the desegregation order, saying the state has complied with the law for several decades.

Jindal’s lawyers are also asking Lemelle to reconsider his November decision that allows the Justice Department to monitor the state’s school voucher program to ensure it does not promote segregation.