Kamala Harris’ Louisiana campaign chairs celebrate VP selection

Kamala Harris Louisiana Campaign Chairs Councilmember Helena Moreno and State Representative Ted James Release Statements on the Historic Selection for VPOTUS, Aug. 12.
“This is the right choice for the Biden team. Kamala Harris has the ability to energize and bring people together. She’s also battle-tested and has the tenacity to be a strong running mate. This is major for the people of Louisiana and the city I represent, New Orleans. She’s visited several times and will be a tremendous ally. I know that she is deeply concerned about the constant struggles faced by Americans today, but she and Joe Biden will get us out of this crisis. I’m excited and prepared to help in any way to get them both elected,” said New Orleans City Councilmember Helena Moreno.

“This is a historic pick for a Vice-Presidential running mate, but most importantly this is the best pick to unite and excite our party. Kamala is a fighter, a fighter for the people of America. She is not scared to take on Trump or his administration and has been combating their destructive policies. I am incredibly proud to have been an early supporter and been part of her campaign. Now it’s time for all of us to get to work to ensure that the Biden/Harris team makes it all the way to the White House,” said State Representative Ted James of Baton Rouge.