La. college students schedules Rally for Change on Juneteenth

Rally of change Juneteenth
On June 19, 2020 (Juneteenth), the Louisiana Council of Collegiate Leadership (LCCL) plans to hold a rally on the State Capitol grounds. Organizers say the purpose of this event is to inform the Baton Rouge community on issues the Black community faces throughout the city and what can be done to change them.
“Our main focus will be LSU and other colleges, opening up the floor to have a conversation with the leaders of the institutions. Not only will these leaders speak, but it will be an event for them to listen to the individuals that they serve (i.e. the students) and the challenges they face in regard to campus police.
It will be an event addressing continual police brutality, how it has reached the campuses in various forms, how campuses’ climates have changed in response to the racial conflicts, and what can be done to better address said issues. Being that many members of the Louisiana legislative body will be present, the event’s platform will be used to promote a new piece of legislation that changes the way police are reprimanded when they neglect the duties of their badges.
We will be honoring those who have died at the hands of police officers and reflecting upon their lives as citizens of this country. The problems students face on their college campuses can be fixed with simple guidance and it is the LCCL’s mission to provide said guidance.
We will be bridging the gap between BRPD, LSUPD, and the students they serve. We will also be discussing the upcoming political elections, and how the students can participate, what it means to the state of Louisiana, and how LSU’s environment during election time has no room for BRPD/LSUPD to make mistakes or be neglectful of their positions.”

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