LETTER: Students need American Courage

“Well, we better get ready to hop on the ship cause we’re about to be shipped to Africa.”

“I’m moving to Mexico.”

“It’s the end of America.”

These are just some of the ridiculous remarks I overheard throughout the hallways and within the classrooms at my school, directly from the mouths of our intelligent students. These remarks were expressed due to the recent announcement of Donald J. Trump becoming our new President-elect. As a concerned teacher, I allowed students to vent and express themselves concerning the recent election, but majority of the discussion revolved around the negative possibilities of being under President-elect Trump’s leadership. It was also alarming to hear students respond with statements that lacked the fundamental motifs of the American narrative: freedom, hope, and most importantly courage. After being overwhelmed with the various ramblings of hopelessness from the students, our scholars and future professionals, I became frustrated at the lack of courage their remarks possessed. There’s no reason for students to be afraid of being shipped out of the country or have terrifying visions of the apocalypse all because President-elect Trump will serve as our next president. This is a democracy, not a monarchy. The days of the divine rights of the king are over, at least for American citizens. The next generation, and perhaps those from previous generations must revisit the foundational enshrined documents of this great nation which all echo equality, liberty, and the right to be free. However, students, the future defenders of the constitution, are in need of fully understanding and applying the established principals of democracy to continue spreading justice for all. If courage isn’t redefined for our students, maybe the election of Trump is the last chapter of the great American narrative.

By Billy Gene
Baton Rouge