Lil Boosie is back: Rap industry, fans, media convene for rapper’s first public appearance


NEW ORLEANS– One thing can be certain about when Baton Rouge rapper Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch was incarcerated: he never got complacent.

In fact Hatch -released from prison Wednesday- wrote 1,018 songs, a movie script and a book during his four and a half years incarcerated for drug charges. Hatch put all rumors to rest at his “Boosie Speaks” press conference held Monday, March 10, at the W Hotel in New Orleans.

“They said I had more release dates than Jordans,” he joked with the crowd. Hatch told media about how the first thing he did upon his release was go pick up his seven children to spend some time with them. He’s also been surrounding himself by other family and friends- and making headlines for doing some major shopping.

“It improved me,” Hatch said about his time incarcerated. “I went through some stuff while I was in prison.”

Hatch, whose larger physical stature hinted that he’s in better shape, said the time in prison also made him stronger and wiser.

A lot of things have changed since Hatch went to prison, including the appearance of social site Instagram. He said part of how it works still surprises him, and he plans to go on it soon “straight flexin,'” as rapper Trinidad James rhymes.

The hip-hop industry was there in full effect to support Hatch. Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy called Monday “a big day for hip-hop.”

Jeezy has been a big supporter of Hatch for a while now. He talked about being inspired by what all he overcame.

“I never heard him sound like the system broke him,” Jeezy said.

Legendary Texas rapper and Hatch’s mentor Bun B echoed those sentiments and said that a lot of people did not want to see a young black man make it.

“Boosie is home,” he said to an excited crowd.

With Hatch’s growing fan base and buzz surrounding his release from prison, Bun B said it won’t take long for his career to reach the next level.

“All Boosie has to do right now is be Boosie. We don’t want him to come home and sound like this person,” Bun B said after the press conference.

“He doesn’t need to do a song featuring that person. He doesn’t need beats by so and so. He doesn’t need a video directed by anybody,” he added. “All Boosie has to do is be Boosie.”

Hatch’s friend and musical partner Lil Webbie had the crowd laughing as he went up and sat on stage with moderator Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club and told people how God told him Hatch would be getting out of prison soon.

“I said, ‘I talked to God bruh. You coming home bruh,” he said.

Hatch’s attorneys said he’s in complete compliance with his release stipulations and might be on probation for four more years.

And don’t worry Lil Boosie fans, he should be cleared to travel and perform by the end of March. He already has shows appearing on Ticketmaster, including an April 13 date in Birmingham. He is also scheduled to perform in Lafayette April 19 at the Cajundome, according to the arena’s website.

By Anastasia Semien
The Drum Newspaper Contributing Reporter