COMMENTARY: Manage resolutions like the 50-plus group

barbara w. green

I WAS RECENTLY ASKED IF adults 50 years old and older still make New Year’s Resolutions. I laughed and said “yes, but with a mature spin on it”. We, the “aging gracefully” segment of society tend to take New Year’s Resolutions with less of a grain of salt than others, I believe.

At our age, we tend to take the lighter things of life, lighter. Of course there are some who might argue with me on this because when we are older, we should take things more seriously, I suppose. But, without a doubt, New Year’s Resolutions probably do not rank as high as, say, hugging our family members or kissing our grandchildren.

The truth is 50-plusers know that we don’t need a December 31st mandate to start a January 1st resolve.

Here are just a few of the reasons, we 50-plusers smile at the idea of starting over in the New Year but soon “get over it”, when we miss making the goal on or about the third or fourth week. When you are as “seasoned” as we are, you realize that it is never too late to begin…again. As long as we have breath in our bodies, we know we can always start over. You see, we realize that starting over and finishing are two precious gifts that we have the privilege of enjoying. So the New Year and the resolutions we fail to keep are less painful when we know what to do: begin again.

We are less likely to get all bent out of shape about not keeping resolutions because we recognize that the expectations we have of ourselves should line up with the grace God affords us when we miss the mark.

When pride beats some of us up when we do not keep the resolutions, my peers will say, “Oh, well, next time”. See, when you are as mature in age as we are, light things remain light and grace to begin again is heavy, in comparison.

Since we are already weeks into the New Year and may have a few resolutions lingering, evaluate where you are at accomplishing your goals and if you’ve stopped the pursuit, I urge you to follow the 50-pluser lead and let the light things remain light, give yourself grace, and begin again. Happy New Year!

barbara w. green is a licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, ordained minister, and motivational speaker. Her columns are distributed nationally by the Jozef Syndicate. Follow her at