Meet Elizabeth Jones, capturing memories

Internationally, 2020 was a year of medical, social, political, racial, and economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 7,000 Louisianans died while 173,000 were unemployed and all 710,000 K-12 students and teachers were sent into virtual schooling. Within the struggles of the year, the America saw its own horrors and beauty. Moving into 2021,  The Drum sought Louisianans who are not only people to watch but are people who work for the community, for the demands of nation building, and for the growth of others. They are People for 2021.

Creative entrepreneur, Elizabeth Jones started Studio 8:17, specializing in sport highlight videos. Now, her media company provides a broad range of videography and marketing services for businesses, churches, and schools. Having created more than 40 videos during the pandemic, it’s easy to see the value of Studio 8:17’s visual storytelling. Jones is a person for the moment, a Person for 2021.

The Drum asked her about 2020 and her focus for 2021. “2020 taught me that I can accomplish anything in any situation,” she said, “During a year of many tragedies and hardships, I still managed to start a successful business and maintain its operations throughout such a difficult time.”

What has been the best thing to do during the pandemic? Start a business!

What advice would you give others? Hardships are not to destroy us, but prepare us for what God has for us. We must endure and believe in Jesus’s plan for our lives. There is no progress without pain.

What’s your motto for 2021? “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated,” by Maya Angelou.


This year I resolve to get out of my own way to dive head first into my purpose fully without fear or second thought.

What can we look forward to? In 2021, Studio 8:17 will continue to deliver amazing video projects for clients. We also will begin filming documentaries with the goal to release them, preferably, on Netflix. We also have a goal to expand the company’s location to other states.

How will you impact others? We are starting a social media platform that is promoting youth athletes. We are looking for interns to join our team.

What has been your measure of success? Along with producing more than 40 videos during the pandemic, we recently partnered in a media project that received over 500,000 views.

What are you reading? “Becoming” by Michelle Obama

What’s on your playlist? Any music by Tobi Nwigwe.

What are you watching? “Stranger Things.”

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