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Internationally, 2020 was a year of medical, social, political, racial, and economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic. More than 7,000 Louisianans died while 173,000 were unemployed and all 710,000 K-12 students and teachers were sent into virtual schooling. Within the struggles of the year, America saw its own horrors and beauty. Moving into 2021,  The Drum sought Louisianans who are not only people to watch but are people who work for the community, for the demands of nation building, and for the growth of others. They are People for 2021.

Lawanda Jackson began Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana, LLC to offer mortgage financing with flexible underwriting requirements and comparable interest rates without compromising mortgage terms nor adding costs to the borrower. With more than 17 years in mortgage financing, Jackson started the firm which eliminates the overhead costs other mortgage and lending institutions may pass on to borrowers.  Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana has a host of lenders and offers various mortgage products for their borrowers. Jackson is a person for the moment, a Person for 2021.

The Drum asked her about 2020 and her focus for 2021. “2020 taught me to be humble, patient, appreciative and to work harder than ever before!” She said. “In March 2020, I panicked as to what will become of Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana, LLC. Will the business be there? Will consumers be more inclined to enter into a 30-year debt not knowing the outcome of the economy? I said a prayer. I kept the faith and not even two weeks later, the phones began ringing and the business has been consistent every since.

What has been the best thing to do during quarantine? I take out my pen and paper and allow my creative mind to take control. I will peel myself away from time to time to workout and craft. Crafting is very relaxing and I brand a lot of Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana products. This gives me the best of both worlds: enhancing my brand and being creative.

What advice would you give others? Don’t give up! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Make the best out of any bad situation. See the good in the bad…It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and become creative to make things work. Sometimes curve balls are thrown to derail your plan so that you operate in His plan. Be observant enough to recognize the signs.

What is your motto for 2021? “If not me, then who?”

This year I resolve to be the best representation of Lawanda and wake up daily full of positivity with an I-can-and-I-will mentality. Giving my best on a daily basis allows me to be productive and help others. I will nurture new friendships and business relationships, become more sociable and create a larger presence on social media platforms:  podcasts, YouTube, and Clubhouse forums.

How will you impact others? Remain knowledgeable in product offerings and obtain additional programs to provide solutions for homeownership. With COVID-19, programs are changing more rapidly than ever before. It is my duty to remain up to date on these changes and seek substitutions to assist my borrowers in accomplishing their needs of purchasing or refinancing their home.

Lawanda Jackson Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana,
Lawanda Jackson

What can we look forward to? Expansion and exposure! In 2021, Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana will continue to make many dreams a reality by offering mortgage financing options to many more consumers and small business owners. We want to help current homeowners transition into a more stable financial position by refinancing their home into a lower interest rate, help better plan for their retirement by paying off any lingering debt and/or reducing the years in their mortgage terms to pay their home off quicker. We want to help existing homeowners obtain cashout to start a business, complete minor repairs, plan a vacation, or to just have a nice savings in their bank accounts. We want to transition citizens from renting to owning their own home and fully take advantage of the benefits of owning their home. We want these homeowners to display the importance of homeownership to their future generations. We are in the early planning stage of teaming up with a local developer to offer our mortgage products to the future owners of those estates. We are constantly welcoming new business to licensed realtors to show them how our programs and flexible underwriting guidelines will allow them to sell more homes in 2021. Due to the influx of business, we are looking to add experienced mortgage professionals to our team.

What’s your measure of success? Turn Key Mortgage of Louisiana, LLC’s business has more than tripled and this was accomplished with program suspensions and COVID-19 overlays in place.

What are you reading? Everything mortgage related at the moment because products are ever-changing. I recently pulled out an old favorite “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson to read again.

What’s on your playlist? Ledisi, Maxwell, Charlie Wilson, Bruno Mars, Total, H.E.R. On those Closing Days, my musical selection is a lot more upbeat.

What are you watching? Surprisingly, lots of documentaries. My most recent watch was “The Tiger Woods Story.”


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