Meet Maxine Crump, Dialogue on Race

Maxine Crump

The Dialogue on Race Louisiana provides a safe space for honest discussion on the issue of racism. It’s an important step in a journey toward enlightenment, understanding and the elimination of racism from our society. Led by Maxine Crump, the dialogue series is dedicated to the elimination of racism through education, action, and transformation. The organization’s vision is to have a community where everyone knows that all institutional opportunities and access are fully available to them regardless of their color. Crump is a person for the moment, a Person for 2021.

The Drum asked Crump about 2020 and her focus for 2021. “This year of an unprecedented pandemic has put everyone in the world on common ground,” she said. “I have learned that this is a powerful opportunity for a new start.”

What has been the best thing to do during the pandemic? Create and cook delicious meals at home with candlelight and music.

What advice would you give others? Life is dynamic and, instead of resisting that fact, pressing forward is rich with possibilities. It can be exciting and rewarding to become a part of creating the future.

What’s your favorite quote? “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity,” by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

This year I resolve to focus on my health and wellbeing so that I can have the longevity to give the best to my work with DORLA and bring my best self to those I love and to have the vitality to have a good time living.

What can we look forward to? We will be offering an increasing number of Dialogue on Race Original Series. DORLA has been in rising demand since 2020 and 2021 is escalating at an even faster rate. You can expect to see more people who have been and are planning to participate in a Dialogue on Race series.

How will you impact others? To make whatever adjustment to the DOR Series to meet the demands and to meet the increasing changes in our community and beyond.

What are your recent successes? Expanding the Dialogue on Race Original Series to seven additional states besides Louisiana; Receiving the 2019 Capital Area United Way Brotherhood Sisterhood Award and 2019 A Celebration of Women Award; and being recognized as one of The Drum’s People for 2021

What are you reading? “The Half Has Never Been Told” by Edward Baptist

What’s on your playlist? ‘50s and ‘60s Rhythm and Blues

What are you watching? TCM Movies. 


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