Mistrial declared on murder charge in Jordan Davis case

Jurors found Michael Dunn guilty of attempted murder and one other charge , but declared a mistrial on the most-serious charge, first-degree murder, in the fatal shooting of 17 year-old Jordan Davis.

Dunn was charged with fatally shooting 17-year-old Jordan Davis in 2012 after an argument over loud music coming from the SUV occupied by Davis and three friends outside a Jacksonville convenience store.

12 jurors found Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted second-degree murder and a count of firing into an occupied car after 4 days of deliberations on Saturday February 15th.

Jurors heard testimony that Dunn, a 47-year-old software developer, who has a concealed weapons permit, fired 10 shots, hitting the vehicle nine times. Davis was the only person hit.

Michael Dunn was convicted of attempted murder for shooting a into a car full of teenagers, but jurors were unable to agree on the most serious charge of first-degree murder. A mistrial was declared on first-degree murder charge.

Each attempted second-degree murder charge carries a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison, while the fourth charge he was convicted on carries a maximum of 15. A sentencing date will be set in the future.

Race relation overtones and its connection to gun and self-defense laws have made it comparable to George Zimmerman’s case, the neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of murder in the shooting death of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin in Florida.

Davis’ 19th birthday would have been Today. Prosecutors may attempt retry a Dunn the on first-degree murder charges.