Month with Mada: ER closure will have to answer to God

Mada McDonald

It is with all prayers and positive beliefs/convictions from this community that their is a dire need to keep the doors opened to the Emergency Room at the Baton Rouge General Mid-City Hospital. Speaking only for myself, it would be a terrible move not to have an emergency room accommodation to meet the need of the inner city citizens,closed. Everyone does not have durable means of transportation to receive medical care?

It has been more than enough to accept Governor Bobby Jindal shutting down the Earl K. Long Hospital to facilitate and assist those individuals in health care needs. It is more than enough that pregnant women have to travel almost out of the East Baton Rouge Parish City limits to deliver their newborn baby/other(s) needs to be addressed ? Baton Rouge does not have a bus transit system that can accommodate just not the less fortunate, but many who have health care benefits, durable means of transportation, but must travel far and beyond to to get medical treatment? This is a bit much to accept and receive that closing the emergency room is the final answer. What must we as a people do, what can be done to keep the doors opened?

It is my belief that problems have solutions. Whomever, whatever has to be done to save the Baton Rouge General Medical Hospital Emergency Room is in my best interest. The next thing to follow will be to close the entire hospital? The fate of our citizens in this city and the fate of health care assistance to carry on as health care patients/providers pay to keep health care services intact and keep on-going concentration as long as we as a people need help from the medical professionals and keep medical areas within the city limits available to all, that is truly a needed service. Most importantly, many people who will lose their jobs, too many individuals will become unemployed and what a way to start a new year? The BR General Hospital’s emergency room closure will have to answer to God.

I can only hope/pray that the matters will be addressed in good faith and none of us in this community/outline parishes will be affected by the closure, the effect from this situation will be settled and we can keep a much needed medical facility in the inner City of the Baton Rouge Community.

By Mada McDonald
The Drum Columnist

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