Moore offers prayers for Hurricane Harvey

Pastor Darlene A. Moore, of St Peter-Trinity-Asbury United Methodist Church, submitted this prayer for the people of Texas and Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey:

Most loving God, today we pray for all persons who have been impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. God please be present with each individual and family who are displaced, distressed, and devastated. We pray as Christian people world wide for protection, provision, shelter, safety, and comfort through their loss and distress. We pray for the heroes, sheroes and ordinary people who are putting their lives on the line to aide as well as assist those impacted by this Hurricane Harvey with rescue, medical aide, shelter, clothing, gas, bedding, water and more. We pray for the Clergy and mental health staff to have stamina to strengthen those who need strength. We ask O God, for you to allow the village to come together and offer hope and help. God also dispatch your angels of goodness and guardianship to help the vulnerable and disabled. Lastly, o way making God, help us to trust you to make a way to help everyone impacted to have a quick recovery and remember they are not alone. In Jesus name Amen.

By Darlene A. Moore
St Peter-Trinity-Asbury United Methodist Church
Jeanerette, Louisiana

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