National Study finds Black Women Must exercise ‘harder’ for weight loss

weight loss results similar to their white peers. Master fi tness trainer Adraine Conrad of Baton Rouge shares photos of an intense afternoon workout.

WHEN IT COMES TO BATTLING THE bulge, a new study has discovered that Black women need to work harder to lose weight than white women–and local fi tness experts agree.

Last month, The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine recently published the study’s findings in the “International Journal of Obesity”. The study concludes that Black women need to eat even fewer calories and exercise more in order to achieve weight loss results similar to their white peers.

“[Black women] do have to work harder because our physical and genetic makeup is more complex which forces us us to workout almost three times as hard,” said Adraine Conrad, a Baton Rouge- based certified master fitness instructor who works with a diverse female clientele.

According to the report, 39 Black and 66 white women participated in a six-month weight loss program of calorie restriction and increased physical activity. All women were severely obese.

Physical activity levels were measured using multisensory activity monitors. Researchers examined examining body weight changes, energy expenditure, physical activity, and energy intake.

The Black women lost about seven pounds fewer than the white participants despite adhering closely to the calorie restriction and activity requirements. Researchers said metabolic factors were contributing to the disparity.

The study concluded that Black women had lower resting metabolic rates and expended less energy daily than the others. According to the researchers, Black women must further reduce the number of calories they eat or use up more of them during exercise in order to lose the same number of pounds in the same amount of time as a white woman of the same weight.

Conrad agrees and said these results should be motivation for Black women, particularly, to add variety to their workouts.

“The genetic makeup of a Black woman is very complex and there are some forms of low impact exercise, such as Yoga, that can not only help build a strong physique, but also reduce hypertension and high blood pressure,” she said.

Conrad said working harder doesn’t consist of just putting in extra reps at the gym, but also in monitoring calorie intake and avoiding “fad” diets.


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