New Orleans Pelicans donate 4,000 masks to Urban League of Louisiana

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New Orleans Pelicans

The Urban League of Louisiana recently received a bulk donation of 4,000 masks from the New Orleans Pelicans and Sobe Promos, to help their program participants “Mask Up” to assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

In early May, the Urban League of Louisiana launched the “ULLA Masks Up” initiative to encourage everyone to wear face masks in public. Thanks to the generous donation from the Pelicans and Sobe Promos, the organization will soon distribute the 4,000 masks to ULLA Project Ready Students, Head Start Families, and Workforce Participants. In addition to their program participants, ULLA will also be distributing the masks to local barbershops, beauty salons, and funeral homes.

“We are so thankful to the New Orleans Pelicans and to Sobe Promos for this mask donation. It is because of their generosity and leadership that we are able to unite to work together to help in the fight of slowing the spread of COVID-19,” said Judy Reese Morse, President and CEO of the Urban League of Louisiana. “Encouraging our communities to mask up and being able to provide them with the masks to do so is an incredible opportunity. Donations like these make it all the more achievable for our communities to practice the best social distancing guidelines necessary as the State continues to phase its reopening.”

As part of their “Maskie Challenge,” ULLA is encouraging residents across the state to post their masked-selfies to social media platforms using the hashtag #ULLAMasksUp. One lucky winner will receive a custom, blinged-out mask. Participants can follow Urban League of Louisiana on all social media platforms for additional information.


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