New Venture Theatre announces Jan. 30 auditions

New Venture Theatre will host auditions for two performances, Jan. 30. They are:


Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds: a Children’s Musical Show Audition Notice
Director: Dorrian Wilson
Assistant Director: Roger Ferrier

Saturday, Jan. 30, 3:30pm (General Auditions)
Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge 2nd Floor 427 Laurel Street Baton Rouge, LA 70801

Feb 2 – March 3
Monday – Thursdays, 6pm – 9pm

March 4 and 5
Friday, March 4 2pm and 7:30pm
Saturday, March 5, at 2pm and 7:30pm

Three little birds sing their sweet songs to Ziggy, a very shy child who is happy to see the world from the T.V. in his room. But his tricky friend, Nansi wants him to get out and enjoy the island of Jamaica. But Ziggy is afraid of Hurricanes, Mongoose and evil spirits. Their worldly adventure is enlivened by the fantastic songs of renowned Reggae artist Bob Marley.

Please prepare a one-minute of a song that shows your range and vocal ability (SELECTIONS FROM BOB MARLEY WILL BE ACCEPTED). ALL SONGS WILL BE PERFORMED WITHOUT MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENT. No monologues required for this production, there will be a cold reading.

Ziggy- a timid boy with long dreadlocks- 11

Nansi- a trickster girl- 11 (Also: Spanish Bird#2/ British Colonizer Bird, Sister Indian Bird)

Duppy- an evil spirit bird with a head full of human hair taken from children, 30s ( Also: Villager #1/ Great Grandfather Spanish Bird)

Doctor Bird- a lucky bird, Ziggy’s pet and best friend, 20s

Cedella- Ziggy’s Mother, 40s ( Also Montego, a bird/ Spanish Bird #1/ Great Aunt African Bird)

Tacoma- a bird ( Also plays- Villager #2/ Great Grandmother British Bird/ Cousin Chinese Bird)

Directed by: April Louise
Written by: Joel Drake-Johnson

Saturday, January 30 at 1pm

Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge 2nd Floor
427 Laurel Street Baton Rouge, La 70801

February 15 – March 18
Rehearsals are at the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge

March 19 and 20 7:30pm
LSU Studio Theatre/ School of Theater
Louisiana State University
105 Music and Dramatic Building/ Baton Rouge, La 70803

A White physician attempts to oust his black receptionist by enlisting a white female coworker as a spy. Tensions rise as relations between the two women quickly deteriorate, turning their once-cordial workplace into a battlefield of innuendos, paranoia, and passive aggression.
With wit and close observation, “Rasheeda Speaking” mimes the subtleties of “post-racial” America to explore what we are really saying when we refuse to talk about race.

Please prepare two contrasting monologues. Each piece should be no longer than one minute.

Jaclyn Spaulding (African American) early 40s Dr.’s newer assistant – seemingly unpredictable at face value

Ilene Van Meter (Caucasian) late 40s Dr.’s long-term assistant – initially mild-mannered/
optimistic; becomes untrusting

Dr. David Williams (Caucasian) late 30s successful, young manipulative Surgeon

Rose Saunders (Caucasian) 60s elderly patient

Email questions to or call (225) 588-7576