Smithsonian experts to share tips on salvaging family treasures

Flood survivors can learn how to salvage their treasures directly from Smithsonian Institution preservation experts on Friday, Sept. 23, and Saturday, Sept. 24, at two Disaster Recovery Centers. The experts will demonstrate how to handle, dry and clean damaged objects and share tips on personal safety, setting priorities and other preservation options.

For example, photographs can be rinsed gently in clean water and air-dried on a plastic screen or paper towel. They can also be hung with plastic clothespins. It is important the image not come in contact with other surfaces as it dries. Many items can be air-dried – preferably indoors. However, high direct heat from hair dryers and irons or prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause irreversible damage. A better choice is to increase airflow with fans, open windows, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

The sessions will be:
Friday, September 23
Lafayette Parish
Lafayette Disaster Recovery Center
301 West University Avenue
10am – 5pm

Saturday, September 24
East Baton Rouge Parish
Celtic Disaster Recovery Center
10000 Celtic Drive
Baton Rouge
10am – 5pm

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