Southern Board will meet Feb. 24 to discuss Llorens’ contract

James Llorens (SU Media)

Southern University Board of Supervisors has  confirmed a date for the special board meeting at Southern to discuss Chancellor James Llorens’ contract.

The board will meet on Feb. 24 at 1:30 p.m. at the administration building.

Student Government Association President , and board member,  Simone Bray  requested the meeting following a student  sit-in at President Ronald Mason’s office on Tuesday February, 12th

The  board voted last Friday to not renew Lloren’s contract.

When news spread on campus of the board’s decision  the students immediately began campaigning to keep their chancellor.

During the past week students showed support for Llorens by setting up a Facebook page and holding a meeting that drew hundreds to voice their concerns.

In anticipation of the meeting the SGA  has handed out more than 100 T-shirts in support of the chancellor on Thursday, Feb. 13.

They plan to wear them to Southern’s basketball game Monday night and to the special meeting.