Tangipahoa Parish schools provides school update

Stay current online here: https://www.tangischools.org/Domain/7898

According to the Tangipahoa School Systems, teachers will not take any grades or attendance during the next four weeks. The instructional materials tey system provides are OPTIONAL for students. These resources are only to provide the opportunity for our students to stay connected to classroom learning materials, because the students will take the statewide test starting on April 27. Teachers will be reaching out to parents and students to encourage them to work on OPTIONAL instruction if they have access to these materials at home. Students enrolled in SLU and NTCC dual enrollment courses MUST complete online assignments and monitor email during this time for additional course information.

Optional Resources for Home Learning Website

For students who do not have internet access at home, there is an opportunity to seek free or reduced-cost internet access for families and students through the “Keep Americans Connected” pledge provided by many of our broadband carriers. This information is already on our website.

There will be no grades or attendance taken during these next four weeks. The instruction materials we provide are strictly OPTIONAL for students; however, at this time, students are still scheduled to take statewide assessment tests starting April 27. The instructional material our teachers provide will help them stay connected and better prepare for the statewide testing.

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