The Michael Foster Project remembers Isaac Greggs

The Michael Foster Project is one of the most sought after brass bands in Louisiana. Its founder, Michael Foster attended Southern University where he was a member of the “Human Jukebox” under the leadership of Isaac Greggs. It was there that he met many of his band mates. Members of the Michael Foster project who marched under Greggs’ leadership share some of the most valuable information they received from Isaac Greggs.

Michael Foster – sousaphone

Human Juke Box Member from 1985-1989

“When he invited the seniors to join him at his table at the Zulu Club at the end of the Zulu Parade.  Being in the band wasn’t easy, but if you worked hard and marched all four years, you knew you earned a seat at the table with Doc. He would offer you some of his special cognac. Just knowing that you made it four years and you earned the right to be at that table with him was my best memory of him.”

Rod Jackson – saxophone

Human Juke Box Member from 1995 to 1999

“He saw something in me as a saxophone player before I took an interest in jazz music.  He took me into his office and gave me three cassette tapes – he gave me a Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon tape and a Coltrane tape. I still have those tapes, listen those artist and apply what I’ve learned from them to how I play today.”

Jeremy Thomas -trumpet

Human Juke Box Member from 2003 to 2006

“A lot of the wisdom he was able to pass down to me was just well received. I had a young, fertile mind and so everything he said, I soaked up. He was very wise man, he would say things like “The tallest building will fall if it doesn’t have solid roots.””