Timothy Carter’s composition performed internationally

BY THE END OF 2014, Baton Rouge musician Timothy Carter will have a law degree from Southern University Law Center. But that’s likely not going to be the highest point of his year as his first love recently provided him an international surprise.

A musical piece he began writing in the summer of 2009—which had never been performed publicly—made its debut in Tokyo, Ja- pan, at the Kanto Honor Band Concert at the International School of the Sacred Heart.

The orchestra was comprised of top musicians from international schools in the Tokyo area, with Carter’s song “Takin’ It On Home” being conducted by one of his mentors, Quincy Hilliard.

Hilliard kept the debut an acciden- tal secret from Carter because Hilliard was unsure if he would have the or- chestra perform the piece.

Carter said the song is just as close to Hilliard as it is to him. It was Hilliard who encouraged him to begin writing the composition that would later become “Takin’ It On Home.”

“The song was always one that Dr. Hilliard was excited about; it’s one he has been wanting to see come to life,” Carter said. “He had been trying about 10 years or so to get someone to write a jazz piece for a concert band. He and I would always talk about opportunities to debut the piece.”

Carter was not in Japan when his music was played but he received a copy of the program and has admittedly watched a YouTube video of the performance several times.

“It is an extremely gratifying experience–extremely rewarding,” he said. “It’s also humbling to know that some- thing you spent so many hours, days, weeks, and months working on, could show someone else, (and they could) interpret it and give it back to the au- dience the way you originally had seen it. Those kids in Japan did that and more.”

Carter said that seeing his composition played internationally has inspired him to work on many more pieces.

Upon graduating law school, he said he intends to practice copyright law from the expertise and experience of someone who understands the ins- and-outs of both law and music.


Assistant Managing Editor