Today is only the beginning

A commentary by  Dr. Joyce Turner Keller

I awake this morning to find that my past is not yet my past.

Looking back over my life, it has become abundantly clear that some of the people we love and let go of, never really go away.   It is so strange that you spend so much time trying to do the right thing, to be a good giving person, attempting to make a difference in the live of others, only to find that you cannot trust the word of someone you loved and lived with for years.  When you move on and the other person doesn’t, is it fair for them come back years later and try to hurt you, discredit you, destroy your reputation?  The question is ringing loudly in my ear, why is this person so angry at me, when it was his choice to move on and I accepted his decision.  It is always good to have relationships without strings attached, which is what I thought we had.  This person lifted me up when I was down, stood by me when I was alone, embraced me when other pushed me aside, believed in me when others gave up on me, saw my worth when others dismissed my existences.   I am strong, restored, and stable because of him, and grateful to him.  I have chosen to not live in the past, but use my life journey as a roadmap to a better future.  It wounds me to know that many years of my life has become a tug of war of emotions.  A time when darkness was all I saw, based on the struggles I faced on a road back to wellness.  I have come to the conclusion that he is not my problem, and his emotions are his own, his choice was his, and my freedom and future is mine.

Today is only the beginning of the bright future I have chosen; the decision I have made is to be whole and complete.  Today, I will continue to be the best I can be and not take responsibility for the actions of someone from my past!  Today my past is my past, and the beginning of a time to move forward without reservations and regrets!

It is important to know that some people will never be happy unless they can make you unhappy!


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  1. Man, man. Joyce you stay in my head. I’m almost starting to believe that you live in my head. I look forward to your quotes daily, because I know that it’s something to inspire me, love you much. You are one strong black woman, when I grow up I want to be just like you, live, love & laugh.

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