Who to watch in 2014: Judge Trudy M. White

Judge, 19th Judicial District Court

Age: Over 40

Hometown: Baton Rouge

Moves made in 2013/Accomplishments:Elected “Chief Judge” by colleagues,Graduating 2013 Louisiana Judicial Leadership Class, and recieving numerous awards and recognitions for judicial outreach activities.

What to expect in 2014: Expect to see more judicial youth outreach programs in the community.

Personal Resolution:I will continue to motivate children about the value of education through mentoring activities and leading by example. I will strive to ensure that everyone has access to justice, due process and equal protection under the law at our court.

Business/Company Resolution for 2014: The Court will be fair and impartial in the application of the law without regard to race, color, creed, politics or economic status.

What are you listening to? Generally, I listen to classic soul and jazz. I really like the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Periodically I listen to rap music to know what our children listen to.

What are you reading? To be Popular or Smart by Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu. It is a book about peer pressure and how the peer group can be used to reinforce academic achievement in African-American young men.