Yes, Chas, parents and students deserve better

Linda Johnson

former BESE represenative

VERY RECENTLY THERE HAVE been articles about alleged cheating in East Baton Rouge schools.  The television headlines said wide spread cheating in EBR.

The president of BESE said studentsand parents deserve more.

Well I agree,so I called the elected BESE representative for the majority of the schools in EBR and she had no knowlodge to credit she immediately began a series of e-mail correspondence to understand what was happening.

It is amazing that the email thread indicates that the alleged wide spread cheating was not under investigation, however the LDoE is looking into the fact that EBR self reported  a student who graduated without meeting the graduation requirements and also what processes had been put in place so that this would not happen again.

Now I know there are those of you who are reading this and of course cannot possibly believe me because you are so conditioned to believe ” the  white’s man ice is colder”.

My question is how do you make wide spread comments prior to getting the facts? What is the real motive?   How does a conversation become one whereby a local reporter says he has the documents and then there are no documents.

Let me see if there are some reasons.  Well it seems to be well known that the state would like to have more of the schools in EBR.

EBR surprised all when the school performance scores came out and the schools they thought would fall to the state managed to improve.

The next question are persons on BESE and the stateinvolved in the break- away city? The president testified at House Education that he could support the break-a-way school district.  Well the timing on the alleged cheating seems poised to help that situation especially when one looks at the state of the city message given by the mayor.

I don’t know why this happened but I do know this it is time to stop fatten- ing frogs for snakes.  Most of us know that phrase “fat- tening frogs” but if you don’t let me explain.

Some of you reading this will run to get the real facts from the very persons who started the rumor, well you are fattening frogs, some of you reading this will also be glad to kill the messenger, I suggest  you kill the message.

If you choose to kill the messenger then of course you are fattening frogs.  And then there are you reading this who will agree but will never speak out or support are fattening frogs.

The next time you read or have the media provide you with information that does not seem real, well get the facts, get the documents, ask to see the information, talk with your elected BESE member, ask community leaders to help you understand, involve the religious community because sometimes these are moral issues as this one is, then use that great gift the Almighty gave each of us, our own brains and the ability to think for our-selves.